Conference of KDE Developers and Contributors

Developers and Contributors Conference:
Part of "aKademy 2005"

(in Málaga, Spain, 29th/30th of August)

Just before the coding marathon, we devote two days (Monday and Tuesday) to the ground-breaking KDE development topics. It covers....

  • Talks and presentations by outstanding KDE developers,
  • Tutorials and trainings by experienced instructors,
  • Workshops and "Birds of a Feather" sessions for all KDE contributors,

on all aspects concerning the leading Linux and Unix desktop environment.

It will also be a great opportunity to socialize and say Hello! to that one KDE developer you always wanted to meet face to face. After all, just e-mailing back and forth or IRC-chatting isn't the same (and never will be) as becoming acquainted in person, is it?

KDE has now reached a very mature stage. Years of development have come to fruition. KDE provides a rock-solid architectural foundation for its next phase of evolution. One of the main themes will be to continue the ongoing effort to integrate non-KDE applications and programs into its framework. This will go a long way to provide a fully consistent user experience for Linux and Unix desktop workstations and help all Linux distributions to gain an even larger share on the market place.

Contributors and Developers Conference during the aKademy 2005
Date of event: August 29th/30th
Location: Universidad de Málaga, Málaga, Spain
Event Module 2 KDE Contributors and Developers Conference 2 Days

Who is it for?

This part of the event, the Developers and Contributors Conference is especially fitting for

  • all active KDE contributors: programmers, artists, documentation writers, translators, promotors, quality team members and other supporters,

They are all invited to come, attend and participate in the discussions and work.

What does it cost?

All active KDE contributors are entitled for a 100 % rebate to the official conference fee of 300 Euro. In other words: they don't have to pay any conference fee, just the accommodation (cheap International Youth Hostel rooms still available -- make sure you book in time!).

Delegates from sponsoring organizations are also able to attend (rebate according to volume of sponsorship). Visitors from companies who want to learn about KDE development are very welcome. This year they still need to pay the conference fee -- next year, who knows?, they may already enjoy 100 % of the "KDE Contributors' rebates"...

Where do I register for KDE Developers and Contributors Conference?

We expect 150 of our more than 800 currently active contributors to participate at this conference. It will be organized in 2 parallel tracks of technical talks, tutorials and presentations dealing with KDE-related topics and desktop technologies.

Register here...

Please send your suggestions to the KDE Conference 2005 Team.