Coding Marathon for KDE Developers and Contributors

Come to the KDE Improvement Coding Marathon
at the KDE Developers and Users Conference 2005

(in Málaga/Spain, 31th of August to 4th of September)

The most exciting part for many participants of our "aKademy 2005" will certainly be the 5-days-and-nights "KDE Coding Marathon". 200 developers, translators, documentation writers, quality team members and artists will have a permanent fast access to the internet. We will be able to use the building day and night to work on KDE and make it more secure, stable, feature-rich and powerful.

Developers and Contributors Coding Marathon during the aKademy 2005
Event Module 3 Programme for Coding Marathon for KDE Developers and Contributors 5 Days
Date of event: August 31th to September 4th
Location: University of Málaga, Málaga/Spain

Who is it for?

The event is of the highest interest for

  • all active KDE contributors: programmers, artists, documentation writers, translators, promotors and other supporters,
  • and many KDE power users and enthusiasts, as well the general public interested in Linux and Unix desktop systems.

What is going on at the KDE Improvement Coding Marathon?

We expect here also 200 of our developers, artists, translators, quality team members and documentation writers to be present at the Coding Marathon.

Active partipants will enjoy the close collaboration with their fellow KDE-hackers. You are all invited to come, preferrably to actively participate in our work.

It will also be open for a limited number of interested KDE users and the general public who are curious to see how the laboratory of KDE development works out in real life."Lurkers-on" will make many interesting observations about the fabric of Free Software development inside and by the KDE Community.

Date: from 31th of August to 4th of September.

Please send all suggestions to the KDE Conference 2004 Team.