The Poppler library

KDE User and Administrator Conference

KDE Developers and Users Conference 2005

Speakers: Albert Astals Cid

Language: English

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This conference will touch all aspects KDE developers need to know about the poppler library. The talk will be divided in three differentiated parts. The first one will be a description of the poppler project, it will include explanations about the origin of such a strange name, how poppler got created as a freedesktop project, why it was decided to use xpdf 3.0 code as the base for it, why it was necessary to create it, the necessary "who is who" in the poppler development, all the features poppler already has over xpdf and the plans of future. The second part of the conference will be a quick but illustrative example on how to make your application render pdf files using poppler and just four lines of code. The third part will be a status report on how the kpdf-poppler integration is going.

Albert Astals Cid

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