Meta-Programming Revisited - Web Services and GUI generation

KDE User and Administrator Conference

KDE Developers and Users Conference 2005

Speakers: Cornelius Schumacher and Tobias

Language: English

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Last year at aKademy I talked about how meta-programming concepts are used in KDE, presenting a compiler for generating XML parsers from schema descriptions. This year I would like to show the next level of XML based meta-programming using two examples.

The first example is KWSDL, a framework for automatically generating KDE bindings for web services from their WSDL description. There are several existing solutions for that, but KWSDL is the first native KDE solution.

The second example is a framework for generating graphical user interfaces from an XML schema deduced object model. This can be used for creating editors for XML data and could also be the base for automatic generation of simple user interfaces like configuration dialogs.

Both projects are fairly new code and aKademy 2005 will be the opportunity to present them to a broader audience for the first time.

About Cornelius Schumacher and Tobias Koenig

Cornelius Schumacher is a long-term KDE core developer. He mainly works on KDE PIM, but also is the author of KDE core technology like KConfig XT. Cornelius works as developer for SUSE at Nuernberg.

Tobias Koenig is KDE developer since 2001 and maintainer of KAddressBook and KSysGuard. When not hacking other parts of KDE PIM, he fixes bugs in kdelibs or tests new, funky ideas. Currently Tobias studies computer science at the TU Dresden.

Cornelius Schumacher and Tobias

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