QtTestLib, the Trolltech Unit Testing Library

KDE User and Administrator Conference

KDE Developers and Users Conference 2005

Speakers: Harald Fernengel

Language: English

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QTestLib is a lightweight library for testing Qt 4 based applications. In addition to features commonly faound in classic unit testing frameworks, QTestLib offers easy access to signal introspection and mouse/keyboard simulation. It also features data driven testing, meaning a test can be written once and executed multiple times with different test data. Tests can either be written as small stand-alone applications or inlined into an existing application. QTestLib uses neither exceptions nor rtti, making it very light-weight and ideal to test embedded applications as well.

The talk will focus on giving a step by step introduction how to write unit tests with QtTestLib. It will start with basic testing of non GUI classes, explain data-driven testing and then touch more complex topics like testing graphical user interfaces.

About the author: Harald Fernengel (harry@kdevelop.org) is along time project member of KDevelop and thus naturally interested in things that make programming easier. Writing a unit testing framework was the next logical step in his life. He is currently employed by Trolltech AS and lives in Oslo, Norway.

Harald Fernengel

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