KDE.OpenOffice.org Integration Project

KDE User and Administrator Conference

KDE Developers and Users Conference 2005

Speakers: Jan Holesovsky

Language: English

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OpenOffice.org KDE Integration Project aims to provide tight (but optional) integration of the OpenOffice.org to the KDE environment beginning with KDE look and feel and ending with KDE data sources.

The project consists of several subprojects. The visible part includes the KDE-like look and feel, dialogs, etc., the core part focuses on the infrastructure needed for the visible part, and on the KDE data sources. Some of the work is already in the main OOo codebase (though it is not built by default), the rest is available as patches in ooo-build. The most important subprojects are:


  • "KDE Native Widget Framework" provides the OOo with the look of the theme that the user chose for her KDE desktop. The framework uses the QStyle API to draw the widgets just like a real KDE/Qt application.
  • "KDE Icons for OOo" replaces the OOo icons with the default KDE icons (CrystalSVG).
  • "cuckooo" allows OOo to be embedded in the Konqueror window as a read-only KPart so that people could browse the documents recognized by OOo directly in the browser.
  • "KDE File Dialog" replaces the default OOo file dialog with the KDE one.


  • "KDE vclplug" is an implementation of a plug-in for OOo so that the Native Widget Framework could be used. OOo, as a platform-independent application, must be able to run even on systems without KDE/Qt or Gtk+ without the need of recompilation.
  • Planned: KIO for OOo, KDE Addressbook for OOo, KDE print dialog, ...

The talk will describe the background of the subprojects, and compare the plain OOo with the KDEized one. It will also discuss the current stage and the future plans.

Jan Holesovsky

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