Kexi - Database Environment and Introduction to KDE Database Layer

KDE User and Administrator Conference

KDE Developers and Users Conference 2005

Speakers: Jaroslaw Staniek

Language: English

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Kexi has been originally developed as a standalone, native KDE replacement for Microsoft Access or Filemaker database creation applications. Increasingly modularized, it is now plugin-based environment: a relatively small and coherent graphical shell surrounded by a number of components like Database Table Designer, Query Designer and Form GUI Designer. Database acces layer, codenamed KexiDB, has been developed as GUI-independent library, as well as separated, database-related widget libraries. To fulfill featire list, scripting layer has been also abstracted, allowing scripting engines and a real macro engine to be bound to Kexi.

We demonstrate a few proposals how an application developer can reuse Kexi components to use database as a storage medium. Quick comparison to preceding data access frameworks is provided. Some discussion follows to present possibilities and advantages of switching from file-based storage medium to a relational database medium. Plans for incoming development are presented.


Jarosław Staniek received the MCS degree from the Warsaw University, Poland. Since 1998 he develops multiplatform applications (frontend and backend) using C++ and Trolltech&apss Qt. His employer is Open Office Polska, a company that offers prepackaged software for customers in Poland with fine localization, addons and commercial support services (actually, mainly OpenOfficePL and Kexi).

In 2003 he initiated contributions for the K Desktop Environment with a goal of boosting its adoption (including commercial) on Unix and non-Unix platforms like MS Windows, thus starting KDElibs for win32 project (formerly Qt-KDE Wrapper).

As the Kexi Project maintainer and core developer, he is doing designs, redesigns, various implementations and bug fixes, trying to help in making Kexi unique database solution for (almost) everyone.

Jarosław lives in Warsaw with his wife and son. In rare time when he does not sit at a computer, he is fond of biking, travelling and painting.


Email: js @ iidea . pl.
Jarosław is also often available as jstaniek via IRC on - channels: #kexi, #koffice.

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