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KDE User and Administrator Conference

KDE Developers and Users Conference 2005

Speakers: Josef Spillner

Language: English

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The KStuff project develops software which helps the KDE desktop to use web technologies. This talk will summarise 18 months of work being done on such topics and also present new exciting tasks. Among the possibly covered topics are:

GHNS - the Get Hot New Stuff initiative

The KNewStuff library in KDE has created a lot of interest in data sharing among desktop users, so that implementations for GNOME and SDL also have also been developed. Apart from these client implementations, the GHNS initiative is as well about standardising the protocols and file formats via, and about offering a customisable backend with web interface to the shared data, an admin interface and several scripts which together form the backend for GHNS. In KDE 4, the Desktop Exchange Service (DXS) can be used to gain higher interaction between the service and the desktop.

KWSDL - web services integration

As there is a separate talk offered about this topic, only a quick overview will be given. KWSDL allows for web wervice navigation and dynamic invocation, supported by WSGUI meta-data, a standard the speaker works on in a university project.

Commitfilter - selective commit information

By popular request, the design and workflow of the KDE commit filter will be presented. About 200 developers and users are currently using the Commitfilter to be notified of only those changes in the Subversion repository which are of interest to them. - the GHNS project page - web services (in progress) - interview about GHNS - Commitfilter service

About Josef Spillner

Josef Spillner

Josef Spillner is a student of computer sciences at TU Dresden/Germany and has been involved with KDE development since 1999. For the last months, he concentrated on aspects of server infrastructure projects which shall help the integration of internet features into the desktop. As his initial involvement focused on KDE gaming, the development of KDE games is also another central aspect of his work.

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