There is a K in microkernel" - Qt/embedded port to L4

KDE User and Administrator Conference

KDE Developers and Users Conference 2005

Speakers: Josef Spillner

Language: English

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In this short talk of about 20 minutes, the academic project "Qt Porting" will be presented, which had the ambitious goal of porting the Qt/embedded library to the L4 microkernel. This next-generation kernel, which will also be the basis for future Hurd releases, does not offer a unix-like API by itself. However with a dietlibc port and some good luck, Josef Spillner and Carsten Weinhold, two students from TU Dresden/Germany, were able to solve this issue.

The talk highlights the obstactles during development and outlines the ongoing work performed by Carsten which includes Qt4 support and improved visuals integration.

Related topics of interest to the community might include the Qt backend of the Java (kaffe) port to L4, and the port of KDE to the current Hurd.

About Josef Spillner

Josef Spillner

Josef Spillner is a student of computer sciences at TU Dresden/Germany and has been involved with KDE development since 1999. For the last months, he concentrated on aspects of server infrastructure projects which shall help the integration of internet features into the desktop. As his initial involvement focused on KDE gaming, the development of KDE games is also another central aspect of his work.

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