Multimedia API for KDE 4

KDE User and Administrator Conference

KDE Developers and Users Conference 2005

Speakers: Matthias Kretz

Language: English

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Starting with KDE 4 aRts will be history and a new "KDE way of doing multimedia" is needed. During aKademy '04 many KDE multimedia developers started collecting the requirements for a new architecture that would allow for significant advances in capabilities and extensibility. At that time a first prototype implementation was done. The architecture was based around the ideas of producing an abstraction layer with a Qt/KDE style API to make it possible to use one of the emerging multimedia frameworks. GStreamer and NMM (Network Multimedia Middleware) are the two most interesting candidates for fulfilling the backend role.

Since then I had the chance to do an internship at university in software engineering where I restarted designing the abstraction layer.

This talk will be about the motivation and design decisions behind the new code in Subversion and how this will change the way multimedia on KDE can be used by developers and users of the KDE desktop. Problems concerning interoperability with existing multimedia applications and how they might be solved will be discussed. Also the limitations of the API as well as open tasks for completing the API for 4.0 will be presented.

Matthias Kretz

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