Novell Desktop Migration Study

KDE User and Administrator Conference

KDE Developers and Users Conference 2005

Speakers: Pete Goodall & Cornelius Schumacher

Language: English

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Recently Novell, Inc. completed a three-month usability study. The study was designed to identify the key problem areas for non-technical users who transition from using a Windows desktop to using a Linux desktop. The study is composed of a series of usability tests, each of which explores the tasks that an average Windows desktop user performs during his or her workday. By analyzing the success with which these users were able to complete these tasks using Linux we have gathered some interesting insights into how the Linux desktop may be improved to make it less confusing, more intuitive and more enjoyable for it's users.

These tests were performed at the participants place of business involving 60 participants, spanning ten test sights, and six industries. The participants performed five tasks each on either GNOME 2.6 or KDE 3.2 using Novell Linux Desktop 9 SP1.

In our presentation we will present our methodology, data gathered in the study, and some video demonstrating some issues we observed as it relates to KDE. In addition, we would like to impart knowledge of how community members may be able to start their own usability testing. These tests can provide invaluable information, and help developers to improve the Linux desktop, keeping their users in mind in the process.

This talk will be presented by Pete Goodall, Product Manager for the Novell Linux Desktop at Novell, Inc., and Cornelius Schumacher, Software developer and KDE contributor for Novell's SUSE LINUX Products GmbH at Nurnberg.

Pete Goodall & Cornelius Schumacher

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