Building LSB Compliant Applications

KDE User and Administrator Conference

KDE Developers and Users Conference 2005

Speakers: Waldo Bastian

Language: English

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In this presentation Waldo Bastian will explain how to build LSB compliant applications using the LSB Development Kit (LDK), looks foward to LSB intiatives that address desktop applications and outlines some of the challenges for application developers and what KDE can do in KDE4 to address some of these issues. Waldo Bastian has been working on KDE for the past 6 years and is currently working for Intel Corporation.

The Linux Standard Base (LSB) specifies the binary interface between an application and a runtime environment. The LSB Development Kit (LDK) consists of a build environment and associated tools to assist software developers in building/porting their applications to the LSB interface. The developers will be able to use the build environment on their development machines, catching the LSB porting issues early in the development cycle and reducing overall LSB conformance testing time and cost. The associated tools include the application and package checkers to test for LSB conformance of application binaries and RPM packages.

Waldo Bastian

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