Beauty and magic for KDE developers

KDE User and Administrator Conference

KDE Developers and Users Conference 2005

Speakers: Zack Rusin

Language: English

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Computer graphics programming has historically been a challenge for Open Source developers. Qt leverages the learning process for new developers allowing them to write modern GUI applications in no time. But what about all the neat visual effects? What's the best way to add them to your applications? What's the best way to implement them? What are the do's and don'ts with respect to computer graphics programming when working on KDE software?

In this talk I'll try to address all those issues. The talk is divided into three distinct parts.

The first one being a description of the current issues in the world. I'll go over the challenges and solutions we have to the most common problems. We'll talk about the new acceleration architecture in Xorg, Render implementation, challenges of putting X server on top of an OpenGL stack and DRI problems.

In the second part I will focus on Arthur. The paint engine available in Qt 4. I'll outline the capabilities of our new paint engine and introduce the key concepts necessary to write great looking applications with Qt4.

The third part will focus on eye candy. I'm going to show how to quickly create and add great looking effects to applications in order to make them more appealing. I will, also, talk about the ways in which one can utilize GPU and not the CPU to achieve those effects.

Zack Rusin

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