KimDaBa - The KDE Image Database

KDE User and Administrator Conference

Speakers: Jesper K. Pedersen

Language: English

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If you are the proud owner of a digital camera, then you have likely already found that it can be quite a bit of challenge to find a given image easily.

If you do not believe me, try finding an image of you mom with nobody else on the image but her, taken somewhere else but at her home, some time between 1980 and 1990. If I have such an image, I will be able to find it with KimDaBa within less than 10 seconds!

KimDaBa is high tuned to allow you to easily annotate your images for later searching. Of course KimDaBa also allows you to see a slide show of your images, generate HTML of your images etc.

In this presentation Jesper will do a live demo of KimDaBa, showing its capabilities while showing images from his personal image database with more than 6.000 images.

About Jesper K. Pedersen

Josef Spillner

Jesper is the author of the KDE Image Database knows as KimDaBa (, the KDE Regular Expression Editor (, the book Sams Teach Yourself Emacs in 24 hours, and co author of the book Practical Qt (, and in ancient time he developed the configuration tool called The Dotfile Generator. (

In his sparetime, Jesper is singing in Hjørring Kammerkor (, enjoys life with his lovely girlfriend Anne Helene (, and tries taking more pictures than any of the KimDaBa users, which is quite a bit of a challenge.

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