It works! Linux migration success stories with KDE and NX

KDE User and Administrator Conference

Speakers: Kurt Pfeifle

Language: English

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This talk will outline how NX and FreeNX servers in combination with KDE's desktop technology can make a Windows --> Linux migration a durable sucess.

It will concentrate on on enterprise and governmental organization environments.

Several recent real life success stories will be outlined.

About Kurt Pfeifle

Kurt Pfeifle has made non-coding activities and contributions to KDE for a few years now. He was involved in the KDEPrint development as beta tester, documentation writer and feature requester. Other Open Source contributions were his documentation regarding CUPS and Samba printing, giving talks at Linux events or helping users on various mailing lists. His current pet project is FreeNX, which he thinks can change the landscape of network computing in the next few years. Kurt works as a System Specialist and Software Consultant for Danka Deutschland Holding GmbH

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