Scripts with KDE feel

KDE User and Administrator Conference

Speakers: Richard Moore

Language: English

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This paper will cover the facilities provided by KDE that allow users and administrators to give their own scripts and applications the 'KDE feel'. It will describe the uses of kdialog, which allows scripts to display standard KDE dialog boxes, kstart and ksystraycmd which allow customisation of the behaviour and appearance of graphical applications and will explain the basics of using knotify and dcop to achieve deeper integration. These tools provide a way for administrators to provide dialog based interfaces to shellscripts that would historically have been provided with a command line user interface, or used 3rd party libraries that did not integrate with the rest of a user's desktop.

The target audience will be those who wish to deploy existing applications into a KDE environment (especially those who need to provide simple tools for large numbers of users).

Richard Moore

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