Kolab - Groupware the KDE way

KDE User and Administrator Conference

Speakers: Till Adam

Language: English

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The Kolab concept is substantially different from other groupware server solutions in that it puts a lot of the functionality into very feature rich clients (Kontact on KDE, the Toltec Outlook connector on Windows and Horde as a web interface, for example), instead of tasking the server with most of the work involved with managing groupware data. The server acts primarily as a storage provider which is synced with clients via the IMAP protocol. Communication between clients happens through email. This, along with mechanisms such as LDAP replication, allows for excellent scalability and robustness. The use of IMAP synchronisation as a means of exchanging the groupware data between clients and server and the rich client concept allow for advanced offline capabilities. The clients are functional even without access to a server.

This talk will contrast the ideas and technologies employed in the Kolab concept and its clients (primarily the KDE client) with those used in other solutions. It will also focus on the strategic benefits and opportunities for KDE and its users which present themselves in the Kontext of the Kolab project.

Till Adam

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